District of Columbia Public Schools


District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) is the sole public school system of the District of Columbia

DCPS consists of 168 schools and learning centers, which breakdown into 101 elementary schools, 11 middle schools, 9 junior high schools, 20 senior high schools, 6 education centers, and 20 special schools. As of 2003, the school system included 65,099 students, including 39,161 at the elementary level, 4,638 in middle schools, 5,111 in junior high schools, 12,311 high school students, as well as 1,273 in alternative programs and special education schools. DCPS has a diverse student population with more than 112 different home languages that represent 138 different nationalities. The ethnic breakdown of students enrolled is 84.4 % black, 9.4 % Hispanic, 4.6 % white, and 1.6 % Asian American.

DCPS is governed by the DC Board of Education, comprised of eleven members, including two students with voice but no vote. Five members are elected, and four are appointed by the Mayor. The Board establishes DCPS policies and employs a superintendent to serve as chief executive office of the school district, responsible for day-to-day operations. Four Board members represent specific geographical boundaries and the Board President is elected at large.

Some wealthy or middle-class families in Washington, D.C. place their children in private schools instead of DCPS schools.

All except Oak Hill Academy are located in Washington, DC, USA, which is located in Laurel, Maryland.


High schools

School Name Students* Low grade High grade
Anacostia High School 693 9th 12th
Associates For Renewal In Education Public Charter School (PSC)** 65 9th 12th
Ballou High School 964 9th 12th
Banneker High School 390 9th 12th
Bell High School 672 9th 12th
Booker T. Washington PCS** 142 9th 12th
Business & Finance School-Within-a-School Charter (SWSC) Woodson 202 9th 12th
Cardozo High School 749 9th 12th
Cesar Chavez Public Policy PCS** 252 9th 12th
Choice Senior High School Program 33 9th 12th
Coolidge High School 843 9th 12th
Dunbar High School 931 9th 12th
Eastern High School 968 9th 12th
Ellington School Of The Arts 485 9th 12th
Integrated Design Electronics Academy PCS** 232 9th 12th
Jose-Arz Academy PCS** 56 9th 12th
Kamit Institute PCS** 76 9th 12th
Marriott Hospitality PCS** 120 9th 12th
Maya Angelou PCS** 85 9th 12th
Moore Luke Academy 264 9th 12th
Next Step PCS** 65 9th 12th
Pre-Engineering SWSC Dunbar 147 9th 12th
Roosevelt High School 821 9th 12th
School Without Walls 350 9th 12th
Spingarn High School 609 9th 12th
Washington Center Special Education 61 9th 12th
Washington M.M. Senior High School 329 9th 12th
Washington Math/Science/Technology PCS** 292 9th 12th
Woodrow Wilson High School 1476 9th 12th
Woodson High School 788 9th 12th

Middle and junior high schools

School Name Students* Low grade High grade
Backus Middle School 569 6th 8th
Barbara Jordan PCS** 55 5th 8th
Brown Ronald Middle School 496 6th 8th
Browne Junior High School 459 7th 9th
Choice Middle Program 15 6th 8th
Deal Junior High School 960 7th 9th
Eliot Junior High School 320 7th 9th
Evans Middle School 259 6th 8th
Francis Junior High School 403 7th 9th
Garnet-Patterson Middle School 327 6th 8th
Hardy Middle School 420 6th 8th
Hart Middle School 578 6th 8th
Hine Junior High School 675 7th 9th
Jefferson Junior High School 882 7th 9th
Johnson Junior High School 646 7th 9th
Kipp Dc/Key Academy** 160 5th 8th
Kramer Middle School 369 6th 8th
Lincoln Middle School 397 6th 8th
Macfarland Middle School 671 6th 8th
Moten Elementary School 348 4th 6th
Options PCS** 147 5th 8th
Paul Jhs PCS** 586 7th 9th
Sasha Bruce PCS** 88 6th 8th
Shaw Junior High School 534 7th 9th
Sousa Middle School 420 6th 8th
Stuart-Hobson Middle School 386 5th 8th
Terrell Center 32 7th 9th
Terrell Junior High School 294 7th 9th


Elementary schools

School Name Students* Low grade High grade
Barnard Elementary School 327 Prekindergarten 5th
Beers Elementary School 444 Prekindergarten 6th
Benning Elementary School 237 Prekindergarten 6th
Birney Elementary School 529 Prekindergarten 6th
Bowen Elementary School 294 Prekindergarten 6th
Brent Elementary School 295 Prekindergarten 6th
Brightwood Elementary School 503 Prekindergarten 6th
Brookland Elementary School 358 Prekindergarten 6th
Bruce-Monroe Elementary School 370 Prekindergarten 6th
Bunker Hill Elementary School 421 Prekindergarten 6th
Burroughs Elementary School 265 Prekindergarten 6th
Burrville Elementary School 325 Prekindergarten 6th
Capital City PCS** 181 Prekindergarten 7th
Children Studio School PCS** 115 Prekindergarten 6th
Clark Elementary School 298 Prekindergarten 5th
Cleveland Elementary School 238 Prekindergarten 5th
Community Academy PCS** 466 Prekindergarten 6th
Consolidated Headstart 79 Prekindergarten Prekindergarten
Cook Elementary School 248 Prekindergarten 6th
Cooke Elementary School 416 Prekindergarten 6th
Davis Elementary School 338 Prekindergarten 5th
Draper Elementary School 312 Prekindergarten 6th
Drew Elementary School 313 Prekindergarten 6th
Eaton Elementary School 413 Prekindergarten 6th
Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Freedom PCS** 208 Kindergarten 5th
Emery Elementary School 367 Prekindergarten 6th
Emilia Reggio 83 Prekindergarten Kindergarten
Ferebee-Hope Elementary School 314 Prekindergarten 5th
Fletcher Johnson Ed Complex 528 Prekindergarten 8th
Gage Eckington Elementary 364 Prekindergarten 6th
Garfield Elementary School 520 Prekindergarten 6th
Garrison Elementary School 386 Prekindergarten 6th
Gibbs Elementary School 528 Prekindergarten 6th
Green Elementary School 411 Prekindergarten 6th
Harris Elementary School 533 Prekindergarten 6th
Harris P R Educational Center 917 Prekindergarten 8th
Hearst Elementary School 159 Prekindergarten 3rd
Hendley Elementary School 405 Prekindergarten 6th
Houston Elementary School 338 Prekindergarten 6th
Howard Road Academy** 536 Kindergarten 6th
Hyde Elementary School 172 Prekindergarten 5th
Ideal Academy PCS** 201 Prekindergarten 8th
Janney Elementary School 456 Prekindergarten 6th
Kenilworth Elementary School 379 Prekindergarten 6th
Ketcham Elementary School 413 Prekindergarten 6th
Key Elementary School 217 Prekindergarten 5th
Kimball Elementary School 452 Prekindergarten 5th
King Elementary School 464 Prekindergarten 5th
Lafayette Elementary School 517 Prekindergarten 6th
Langdon Elementary School 387 Prekindergarten 6th
Lasalle Elementary School 309 Prekindergarten 6th
Leckie Elementary School 377 Prekindergarten 6th
Ludlow-Taylor Elementary 278 Prekindergarten 6th
Malcolm X Elementary School 562 Prekindergarten 6th
Mann Elementary School 233 Prekindergarten 6th
Marshall Thurgood Elementary 345 Prekindergarten 8th
Maury Elementary School 283 Prekindergarten 6th
McGogney Elementary School 434 Prekindergarten 6th
Meridian PCS** 443 Prekindergarten 6th
Merritt Elementary School 474 Prekindergarten 8th
Meyer Elementary School 382 Prekindergarten 5th
Miner Elementary School 462 Prekindergarten 6th
Montgomery Elementary School 314 Prekindergarten 6th
Murch Elementary School 484 Prekindergarten 6th
Nalle Elementary School 395 Prekindergarten 5th
Noyes Elementary School 202 Prekindergarten 6th
Orr Elementary School 407 Prekindergarten 5th
Oyster Elementary School 395 Prekindergarten 6th
Park View Elementary School 366 Prekindergarten 5th
Patterson Elementary School 324 Prekindergarten 6th
Payne Elementary School 274 Prekindergarten 6th
Peabody Elementary School 141 Prekindergarten Kindergarten
Plummer Elementary School 357 Prekindergarten 5th
Powell Elementary School 322 Prekindergarten 5th
Randle Highlands Elementary 479 Prekindergarten 6th
Raymond Elementary School 491 Prekindergarten 5th
Reed Elementary School 470 Prekindergarten 6th
River Terrace Elementary School 264 Prekindergarten 6th
Roots PCS** 57 Kindergarten 8th
Ross Elementary School 168 Prekindergarten 6th
Rudolph Elementary School 538 Prekindergarten 6th
Savoy Elementary School 385 Prekindergarten 5th
School For Arts In Learning PCS** 112 Kindergarten 6th
SouthEast Academy Of Scholastic Excellence PCS** 670 Kindergarten 8th
Seaton Elementary School 441 Prekindergarten 6th
Shadd Elementary School 191 Prekindergarten 5th
Shaed Elementary School 370 Prekindergarten 6th
Shepherd Elementary School 354 Prekindergarten 6th
Simon Elementary School 406 Prekindergarten 5th
Slowe Elementary School 471 Prekindergarten 6th
Smothers Elementary School 267 Prekindergarten 6th
Stanton Elementary School 622 Prekindergarten 6th
Stevens Elementary School 328 Prekindergarten 6th
Stoddert Elementary School 228 Prekindergarten 5th
Takoma Elementary School 445 Prekindergarten 8th
Terrell Elementary School 247 Prekindergarten 5th
Thomas Elementary School 377 Prekindergarten 5th
Thomson Elementary School 276 Prekindergarten 6th
Tree Of Life PCS** 133 Prekindergarten 5th
Tri-Community PCS** 22 Kindergarten 1st
Truesdell Elementary School 477 Prekindergarten 6th
Tubman Elementary School 635 Prekindergarten 6th
Turner Elementary School 513 Prekindergarten 6th
Tyler Elementary School 290 Prekindergarten 6th
Van Ness Elementary School 250 Prekindergarten 6th
Walker-Jones Elementary School 529 Prekindergarten 6th
Watkins Elementary School 475 Prekindergarten 4th
Webb Elementary School 536 Prekindergarten 6th
West Elementary School 309 Prekindergarten 6th
Wheatley Elementary School 350 Prekindergarten 6th
Whittier Elementary School 490 Prekindergarten 6th
Wilkinson Elementary School 508 Prekindergarten 3rd
Wilson Elementary School 414 Prekindergarten 6th
Winston Elementary School 555 Prekindergarten 8th

Other schools

School Name Students* Low grade High grade
Ballou Stay 538 Ungraded Ungraded
Browne Center Special Education 76 Ungraded Ungraded
Carlos Rosario International PCS** 835 Ungraded Ungraded
Child & Family Services 177 Prekindergarten 12th
Dc Alternative Learning Academy West 33 7th 11th
Edison-Friendship PCS** 0 Prekindergarten 12th
Hamilton Center Special Education 56 Ungraded Ungraded
Hyde Leadership PCS** 547 Kindergarten 12th
Jackie Robinson Center 14 Ungraded Ungraded
Lee Mamie 161 Ungraded Ungraded
Moten Center Special Education 87 Ungraded Ungraded
New School For Enterprise And Dev PCS** 356 9th 11th
Oak Hill Academy 152 6th 12th
Prospect Learning Center 103 Ungraded Ungraded
Residential Schools 349 2nd 12th
Robeson Paul 24 Ungraded Ungraded
Roosevelt Stay 268 Ungraded Ungraded
Rose School 26 Ungraded Ungraded
Seed PCS** 230 7th 11th
Sharpe Health School 222 Prekindergarten 12th
Spingarn Center 35 9th 9th
Spingarn Stay 121 Ungraded Ungraded
Taft School 100 Ungraded Ungraded
Thurgood Marshall Academy PCS** 89 9th 10th
Tuition Grant 2037 Kindergarten 12th
Village Leaning Center PCS** 397 Prekindergarten 12th
Young Elementary School 441 Prekindergarten 9th

*Student counts as of 2003 **Charter school